Monday, October 24, 2022

A recurring theme

I am in the phase of life where everything is moving fast. Business overtakes personal responsibilities. Client calls take over friends' chit-chat. Commute seeps into "me" time. Every day is unique and challenging, but those challenges also bring out exhaustion that is indescribable. My brain keeps alerting me on things that could be wrong and keeps me on the edge. Don't get me wrong, I like all these things. And these are precisely the reasons why I wanted this life in the first place.

While my body and brain are engaged, there's a hole in my heart. This special heart yearns for a love that is out of this world. A love that is just special and yet ordinary. A love that will pump more passion into my life since my body and brain are extensions of my special organ. A love that will bring calmness, yet also provide an all-consuming array of emotions. A love that will bring my soulmate just a little bit closer, so my body enrages from within. A love that will give unfailing affection yet be the one that conditions me. My heart believes that the love from my soulmate could just change my life, forever.