Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Thrilling Laziness

The lazy people of Oklahama Street, were busy drinking their teas and reading their newspapers. The evening sun has not set yet and it would take some more time for them to get back into coziness of their old homes. The people were old too, without much hair on their heads accompanied by their old wives rocking their chairs. They aimlessly drifted into their half sleep minds and didn't care for the huge figure that started rising up on the horizon.

The huge figure rose in a steady speed and created shadows that covered trees. At this rate, the huge figure could overshadow the evening sun and eclipse the entire town from receiving its share of lovely warm evening rays. The figure looked like a huge person but with a flat belly. More like a monster. But childish monster. The monster rose and rose, but the residents of this small lovely town didn't care. They still drifted through their newspaper and sipped through their teas.

The best of the things had gone by, their life was over. Almost. The monster rose up in the sky and covered everything that was good. It created a darkness which a bystander would have noted to be a midnight pitch darkness. But the eyeballs of the old people still moved from left to right as if it was continuing to read the newspaper. There was no realization that light was not there. It was like it was trained to be.

Then they all died, suddenly. Like zombies without any heart and soul.

PS: Most of us our living our lives like this, like zombies. Time to wake up.