Saturday, June 23, 2018

Love Fights. Forever.

The girl didn't trust me.
The girl didn't allow me.
She had madness written
All over her face.

All my words being useless.
Repeated as a bad echo to her.
She seemed fiery and ablaze
Like a summer devoid of even tiniest rain drops.

I fought, she fought.
She cried, I had cried.
She was hurt
Painful than a broken rib.

Love was receding.
Life seemed duller.
Dark clouds engulfed
My heavily pumped, bleeding heart.

Inside a moving train, we were sitting.
A halted death inside.
After hurting the loved one
And hurling my soul deep inside a coffin.

Then I whispered into her ears.
Said I was tired.
Sleepy yet amidst the fight
Turning her angry face into a sweet sadness.

Her lips started caring, once again.
Her heart ached to see me drained.
Though she was more drawn out.
She forced me to lie down

Covered me with the only overcoat.
While she shivered.
In the ugly intense blowing wind.
She cared, for her only brother.

I slept
Like a cozy soft toy
In her lap
With warm kisses on my forehead.

(Note 1: Recreating a scene that I witnessed travelling in a night train.)
(Note 2: I wish I had a sister like her.)


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