Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A few moments of smiles and euphoria!

The beauty of her aroma, swirled up and melted my heart.
Music of my heart beat, grew, without a sign.
I perceived a slight smile in her face.
She being slightly away, but still close. To my heart.

She wasn't that beautiful nor that friendly.
And definitely not anywhere close to the girls that loved me.
But her soul emanated a purity that cannot be comprehended.
And she smiled; I smiled back.

Have you ever walked slowly in rains?
Felt the soft tingles of heavy sensations that goes through your skin?
As the water droplets fall on your body, making an impression in your heart.
Making a path for itself, but feeling everything on its path down?

The feeling of clumsiness combined with the happiness,
It is an emotion that is inexpressible. It cannot be written down.
And that's what I felt.

Walking up to that sweet smell of aroma of a girl,
I said "take some sweetness of mine".
"Be happy and glad".
And she happily took it with her.

And I moved on.

In the end, she was confused but intrigued.
I felt happier leaving a part of my experience with her.
And she will live on, in memories of mine and mine in hers.

And that's life. Sharing happiness and moving on.

PS: This post is about a stranger girl I saw in Kashmir where smiles were exchanged in passing-by.

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Anonymous said...

Haha I can feel the emotions :)