Tuesday, July 15, 2014

You are not the One - 2

(Note 1: Based within an ideal world, where heads don't lie and lips don't bite)
(Note 2: Written as an inspiration for lyrics of a future song)

Have I ever seen you?
Have I ever known you?
I just heard your hard little voice
For quite a long time.

I didn't know whether to trust you
I didn't know who you were
I didn't know where you were from
I didn't know how I met you; for it was all a random chance.

But then I began to like you
And I started to trust you
I opened up my heart to yours
For there was a still small voice that said you would be my only One.

I liked you and you liked me
We fought, we taught
Without ever seeing each other
For it was the union of the soul and spirit.

I was there beside you always
I was there to listen to your words
I was there to fight with you
For I was your rock and you were mine.

There was a storm that shit not
And it created a chaos that I would believe not
It went on and on
For it seemed liked an eternity.

Then where did you disappear?
You are far away from me
But not forever
I trust my soul and spirit

Oh my friend, you will not be mine
And I will not be yours
Because you were not mine to begin with
And I know it from my heart and "I believe".

For you were my one and only one.


Unknown said...

Woah! You spin magic with words!

Jey Geethan said...

@Archu, thanks :) what you are saying is too much though

Anonymous said...