Friday, October 4, 2013

Creating my dream; one step at a time

Walking around a eerily dense forest in the night,
With no light from the most beautiful woman of the sky,
With an heart full of pain and agony,
I was worried about the future to come,
As I was reminiscing about a gruesome past;

Which had happened like it was a nightmare,
With no memories to spare.
My thoughts were like a dark fountain,
Overflowing with blood.

I was wondering of what it is to happen,
With a clouded heart,
I felt my emotions sticky,
Like a sponge absorbed with black and thick oil.
There was nothing worth in my soul. Nothing.

I felt my life was over.
I knew that the future was very bleak.
My fists clenched and my heart sank.
"If there is nothing more, why should I still breath air?"
My brain raced.

Deep in my desolate thoughts,
I saw a small light.
How a cloudy sky shows the most brightest start of the sky
As a nothing but a weakened signal of presence.
A hope? No, it was a distraction my heart said.

Curious and I looked deep into that light.
The small light flickered, like it was going to go out sooner or later.
My brain wanted it to go back into the darkness and oblivion.
My heart felt a little sad for the flickering light.
And my heart said, "Come here. You are like me, without a hope".

The light suddenly talked with a majestic voice,
It said, "I am the light of faith",
"Faith begins in your deepest darkness",
"And it is strengthened in your weakness",
"And with faith, comes love".

The light shone in my face for a long time.
I was astounded and I stood there like a rock.
I believed the light was a miracle.
A miracle of faith.
A miracle that I desired and I needed.

The light increased in its brightness.
Till it engulfed me like a burning sun.
There was no doubt whether it was,
A dream or a reality.
My heart knew, and it knows still.

The light shines in me still.
The light talks to me still.
The lights leads me still.
The light was born out of my darkness.
And that light still says,

"Create your dream. One step at a time!"


Unknown said...

inspiring Jey!!keep going:D

sai... comfortably dumb said...


stuthi said...

beautiful :) the last few stanzas resonated with harmony and serenity :)

Unknown said...

the positivism , real good!

Sri said...

really good man!