Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Its just not me

"I know myself. But this is not me. Whatever I had thought of myself, isn't me. My first disbelief in my life. I do not know why. And I do not care. All I saw was that its just not me."

I was staring at myself.
There was I
Walking the lonely street,
I seemed to be a dead man,
Pulling myself along.

    I had lost everything.
    Except my soul
    There was nothing I could hold onto,
    No one, close to me,
    And I was weeping.

My belief in disbelief.
Like a shadow
Creeping up on my shoulders,
I felt the burden pushing me down,
Till I fell.

    There was silence.
    And I was no more.
    The road was empty.
    Yet I saw myself again.
    In another man's life.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

End is not the end but the beginning of a beginning. We don't understand it with the copper brain of ours. Cheers!