Thursday, July 2, 2009

You Are Not The One

Hey friend,
Wassup, you always said,
In times of happiness.
Didn't know
You were a pretender.
And you cared for me,
In a tone that was weird.

I didn't care
Nor I did dare
I just went on, trusting you,
Building on the baseless years.
Had I known you,
I could have stayed away,
Like from a burning hell.

         The truth was never told.
         The ice was never broken.
         All the assumptions made wrong.
         And yet our relationship went on strong.

I couldn't compare,
I couldn't resist.
All I had was you.
Never did I look back,
To cause the light to be shone.

Ah, I had made the mistake.
You were never meant to be the one.
In a life thats always wrong,
I just realised,
You are not the one.

(written for a future song!)


Mani Dhayaal said...


CK said...

Nice but made me senti due to various reasons.. :(

Jey Geethan said...

Yea, even i had plenty of mixed emotions writing this :)

Goutami said...

Kalakku po!!! keep writing da...

made me feel senti... u will be knowing why :)

Neo said...

lolz.. doesn't seem to be written for the future! :P

mithra said...

Awesome gee ! i jus love this one :)
t s so touching !