Saturday, June 6, 2009

I dream...

I like to dream. I want to fly.

"There was a night, I woke and saw myself before a lovely paradise. Filled with the most majestic splendour, sparkling with life and green pastures everywhere, it looked like a sight taken out of a fairy tale book. The sun was shining with a golden glow and the bright birds were flying high up in the sky. The air was cool and I felt like being in the midst of the purest angels."

I like the word impossible. Even more, I love to try the impossible.

"Then I turned back. To see the path I had walked. I could see that it was filled with the memories of many wars and battles. It was indeed a path, nobody would have chosen. Yet it seemed so close to my heart. I smiled."

Why do I like to think the impossible? Why do I dream the impossible? Why do I like to try the impossible?

"And there it was before me, the dream. Along with those who were with me, we entered it. We made it ours. I could see the smile in the faces which were used to frowning. And before I knew, they were enabled."

Because I believe.

And I choose to dream.