Saturday, November 7, 2009

What I have started will never end...

The path which I am going through is mysterious. Neither did I comprehend the consequences, nor did I know the difficulties I would have to face. But the moment I chose my path, I did not look back. I went through them all. The so called ups and downs. But my destination has not yet been reached. So I still travel knowing I would have to face the sick and ugly truths all along. This is definitely not a path for the broken. And definitely not for the daily machines. This is a path for those who just love to live their life. For people who care about others. For those want to push themselves out of their limits.

This one is for me.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My salvation!

Newness surrounded me!
Coolness was all over me!

I felt a tinge of happiness
Starting like a trickle, down my neck!

Before I knew, I felt obscurity leave me!
There was a new hope
Which has been eluding me!
The hope of joy!

All I did was,
To believe!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Its just not me

"I know myself. But this is not me. Whatever I had thought of myself, isn't me. My first disbelief in my life. I do not know why. And I do not care. All I saw was that its just not me."

I was staring at myself.
There was I
Walking the lonely street,
I seemed to be a dead man,
Pulling myself along.

    I had lost everything.
    Except my soul
    There was nothing I could hold onto,
    No one, close to me,
    And I was weeping.

My belief in disbelief.
Like a shadow
Creeping up on my shoulders,
I felt the burden pushing me down,
Till I fell.

    There was silence.
    And I was no more.
    The road was empty.
    Yet I saw myself again.
    In another man's life.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

You Are Not The One

Hey friend,
Wassup, you always said,
In times of happiness.
Didn't know
You were a pretender.
And you cared for me,
In a tone that was weird.

I didn't care
Nor I did dare
I just went on, trusting you,
Building on the baseless years.
Had I known you,
I could have stayed away,
Like from a burning hell.

         The truth was never told.
         The ice was never broken.
         All the assumptions made wrong.
         And yet our relationship went on strong.

I couldn't compare,
I couldn't resist.
All I had was you.
Never did I look back,
To cause the light to be shone.

Ah, I had made the mistake.
You were never meant to be the one.
In a life thats always wrong,
I just realised,
You are not the one.

(written for a future song!)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I dream...

I like to dream. I want to fly.

"There was a night, I woke and saw myself before a lovely paradise. Filled with the most majestic splendour, sparkling with life and green pastures everywhere, it looked like a sight taken out of a fairy tale book. The sun was shining with a golden glow and the bright birds were flying high up in the sky. The air was cool and I felt like being in the midst of the purest angels."

I like the word impossible. Even more, I love to try the impossible.

"Then I turned back. To see the path I had walked. I could see that it was filled with the memories of many wars and battles. It was indeed a path, nobody would have chosen. Yet it seemed so close to my heart. I smiled."

Why do I like to think the impossible? Why do I dream the impossible? Why do I like to try the impossible?

"And there it was before me, the dream. Along with those who were with me, we entered it. We made it ours. I could see the smile in the faces which were used to frowning. And before I knew, they were enabled."

Because I believe.

And I choose to dream.