Sunday, December 14, 2008

Where are you?

You are far from me,
Like the stars I yearn for.
I cannot reach out to you,
Touch you, and feel the peace of my heart.
Still one day, you'll be there again
To be my love and walk in my side.

Remember the days, we were together.
Playing like kids in the beach,
Laughing at the waves and loving the scent of the air.
We did not feel the world exist.
Those lovely moments, are now a burden
In my heart.

Why did you leave me?
Never to see my face again.
You have gone after the newly found things,
Which will pass you by.
And you will come back to the old tree saying,
I love you.

Your cute little face,
Your lovely green eyes,
I like to look at you all day.
In awe of the mystery that is you.
You are a beauty which was all mine.

Where are you?
Be with me, just one more time.