Friday, June 6, 2008


The paths of life are plenty. But they are without directions. Standing in a junction, one can see the dusty roads in all directions. Human nature, as it is, will make oneself happy by choosing a road from the many available options. And not wanting to take the risk of deciding, they are even more happier to blindly follow the person in the front, not knowing where the road ends. But little they realize, that they are caught up in this maze and are circling to the same place again and again.

Without their knowing, they are made servants of this world. Blindly obeying the orders; a servant never wonders and thinks beyond what he is assigned to. Slaves of this kingdom.

There a few, who leaving their camps behind, wander into the forests, risking their lives. They do not fear, they do not care. All they do is dream, believe and put their faith in what they do. These are the ones, who reach the gates of praise and glory, through the unexplored and narrow paths of life.

And they are never forgotten.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Stars are rising!

Its a very beautiful evening; a whiff of cool air; and distant trees starting to blend into the mysterious spell of darkness. Gloomy mood is setting in; trying to spoil the splendid and refreshing nature of a cool evening. The night is spreading like a disease - slowly advancing like a mighty troop of infantry.

Nevertheless, I kept looking for my hope. I kept waiting. Then I saw the first signs of my light. The very sight of the first twinkle, filled my heart with ecstasy. My eyes, wide open, looked upon the little star with love. My first hope. As darkness invaded the complete face of the sky, my little hope grew brighter and brighter. The star looked majestic across the murky blue sky. And one by one, the little ones started to bloom out of nowhere. Filling the entire sky, with spots here and there, creating beautiful patterns that lit up my face.

I couldn't seem more merrier. Looking at the sky, brimming with all my hopes, I was completely happy and my soul did not desire. As I looked on and on, the night never seemed to vanish. Endlessly, I saw my bright stars, shining forever.