Monday, October 24, 2022

A recurring theme

I am in the phase of life where everything is moving fast. Business overtakes personal responsibilities. Client calls take over friends' chit-chat. Commute seeps into "me" time. Every day is unique and challenging, but those challenges also bring out exhaustion that is indescribable. My brain keeps alerting me on things that could be wrong and keeps me on the edge. Don't get me wrong, I like all these things. And these are precisely the reasons why I wanted this life in the first place.

While my body and brain are engaged, there's a hole in my heart. This special heart yearns for a love that is out of this world. A love that is just special and yet ordinary. A love that will pump more passion into my life since my body and brain are extensions of my special organ. A love that will bring calmness, yet also provide an all-consuming array of emotions. A love that will bring my soulmate just a little bit closer, so my body enrages from within. A love that will give unfailing affection yet be the one that conditions me. My heart believes that the love from my soulmate could just change my life, forever. 

Saturday, April 23, 2022


I opened my eyes,

For the first time,

Sun was bright,

Warm and cozy.

I took my steps,

Stumbling first,

Falling next,

Balancing myself again.

The warmth in the air,

Helped me to understand,

Walking is learning,

A learning never undone.

I ran,

I jumped,

I created,

I ruled.


Warmth was fading,

I felt coldness in my skin,

Light was dimming.

Darkness was upon me,

As a human not exposed,

To darkness,

I was fearful.

Skies were dark,

I caved in,

Rolled into a fetal position,

With tears in my eyes.

Night clouded the skies,

With no light,

Like the devil upon a soul,

I was scared.

I waited,

WIth no hope,


A ray of warmth hit my skin.

Sun peeked,

Into my cave of darkness,

Eyes were bright,

Heart rejoiced.

I ran,

I jumped,

I created,

I ruled more.

I learnt,

Nights are,

Passing by,

Days are to live by.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Thrilling Laziness

The lazy people of Oklahama Street, were busy drinking their teas and reading their newspapers. The evening sun has not set yet and it would take some more time for them to get back into coziness of their old homes. The people were old too, without much hair on their heads accompanied by their old wives rocking their chairs. They aimlessly drifted into their half sleep minds and didn't care for the huge figure that started rising up on the horizon.

The huge figure rose in a steady speed and created shadows that covered trees. At this rate, the huge figure could overshadow the evening sun and eclipse the entire town from receiving its share of lovely warm evening rays. The figure looked like a huge person but with a flat belly. More like a monster. But childish monster. The monster rose and rose, but the residents of this small lovely town didn't care. They still drifted through their newspaper and sipped through their teas.

The best of the things had gone by, their life was over. Almost. The monster rose up in the sky and covered everything that was good. It created a darkness which a bystander would have noted to be a midnight pitch darkness. But the eyeballs of the old people still moved from left to right as if it was continuing to read the newspaper. There was no realization that light was not there. It was like it was trained to be.

Then they all died, suddenly. Like zombies without any heart and soul.

PS: Most of us our living our lives like this, like zombies. Time to wake up.

Monday, July 8, 2019


Dark were the clouds
That separated the two hearts
Hearts, made to love each other
Separated by circumstances.

Dark is life.

But soulmates are not made in a day.
Their hearts flapping
Like two conjoined birds
In dreams.



Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Love Demons - The Beginning

i was the love demon
watching these two from above
they were apart by a walking distance
and conversing with other people
but i wanted them to kiss
so they turned to each other
and smilingly they said hi.
rest is happiness.


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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Love Fights. Forever.

The girl didn't trust me.
The girl didn't allow me.
She had madness written
All over her face.

All my words being useless.
Repeated as a bad echo to her.
She seemed fiery and ablaze
Like a summer devoid of even tiniest rain drops.

I fought, she fought.
She cried, I had cried.
She was hurt
Painful than a broken rib.

Love was receding.
Life seemed duller.
Dark clouds engulfed
My heavily pumped, bleeding heart.

Inside a moving train, we were sitting.
A halted death inside.
After hurting the loved one
And hurling my soul deep inside a coffin.

Then I whispered into her ears.
Said I was tired.
Sleepy yet amidst the fight
Turning her angry face into a sweet sadness.

Her lips started caring, once again.
Her heart ached to see me drained.
Though she was more drawn out.
She forced me to lie down

Covered me with the only overcoat.
While she shivered.
In the ugly intense blowing wind.
She cared, for her only brother.

I slept
Like a cozy soft toy
In her lap
With warm kisses on my forehead.

(Note 1: Recreating a scene that I witnessed travelling in a night train.)
(Note 2: I wish I had a sister like her.)


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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A few moments of smiles and euphoria!

The beauty of her aroma, swirled up and melted my heart.
Music of my heart beat, grew, without a sign.
I perceived a slight smile in her face.
She being slightly away, but still close. To my heart.

She wasn't that beautiful nor that friendly.
And definitely not anywhere close to the girls that loved me.
But her soul emanated a purity that cannot be comprehended.
And she smiled; I smiled back.

Have you ever walked slowly in rains?
Felt the soft tingles of heavy sensations that goes through your skin?
As the water droplets fall on your body, making an impression in your heart.
Making a path for itself, but feeling everything on its path down?

The feeling of clumsiness combined with the happiness,
It is an emotion that is inexpressible. It cannot be written down.
And that's what I felt.

Walking up to that sweet smell of aroma of a girl,
I said "take some sweetness of mine".
"Be happy and glad".
And she happily took it with her.

And I moved on.

In the end, she was confused but intrigued.
I felt happier leaving a part of my experience with her.
And she will live on, in memories of mine and mine in hers.

And that's life. Sharing happiness and moving on.

PS: This post is about a stranger girl I saw in Kashmir where smiles were exchanged in passing-by.